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March 08 2015

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December 08 2014

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December 02 2014

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Jimi getting arrested in Stockholm - April 1968.

November 13 2014

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November 10 2014

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Jimi Hendrix.

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Jimi Hendrix.

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Jimi's portrait by Voka
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Jimi Hendrix & Eric Burdon
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November 08 2014

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November 05 2014

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Jimi with Janis Joplin: Winterland: San Francisco, California 1968, photo by John Dug, I guess...
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October 24 2014

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Jimi Hendrix (Miami Pop Festival) By Ken Davidoff

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September 24 2014

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After months of living hand to mouth, Jimi Hendrix and his girlfriend Kathy Etchingham moved into the ground floor of 34 Montague Square, London, at the end of 1966.  The flat’s owner, Ringo Starr, had loaned it to Chas Chandler as a favor.  This iconic session from David Magnus dates from February 1967 and shows Hendrix posing on the pavement nearby.  He is wearing a badge bearing the name of his hero, Bob Dylan.  Later in 1967 Hendrix was obliged to leave Montague Square because, Chandler claimed, unhappy neighbors invoked a clause forbidding black tenants.
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February 25 2014

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February 15 2014

February 12 2014

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